Saturday, 10 April 2021

Missing the tree in the forest

I am so focussed on my structured activities1 for the quasquibicentennial of the battles of 1796–1800 (to be followed by the vigbicentennial of 1805–15), as well as other anniversaries in 'les autres periodes', that I completely missed one this year; the bicentennial of Napoleon's death (5/5/212)!

Mort de Napoleon, Steuben (Wikimedia Commons)

Thanks to 'Marius' over at Un Marius sinon rien! for bringing it to my (our) attention and for this marvellous post seeking to introduce the period and the wargaming of it to others.

Bravo 'Marius'!

1Good old serendipity strikes again, having chosen this year to begin the focus of my activities on the anniversaries.

2That date works whether you are reading it my way of the US style.