Sunday, 3 November 2019


A musing post and, if I am honest, another 'filler' while I progress my early Russians and Grenzer sufficiently to be able to do a post about them. Hopefully this is not too self-indulgent.

The subject of this post was in-part sparked by a long and enjoyable conversation with John from the Serpentine group, during which I asked him, "What is your entertainment when painting?"

Do you listen to music, watch TV, watch DVDs, listen to podcasts, listen to audiobooks, sit in the room with what is being watched by family or 'better-half' playing in the background, or perhaps sit in peace and quiet and focus on the job at hand?

Being joined by my good friends is part of the joy and relaxation of painting in my wargaming room/shed.
Sometimes proceedings are interrupted as the young one has decided that a bit of play-fighting is in order!


My most preferred is to 'watch' (i.e. predominantly listen to) history documentaries that I have saved on my computer. They need not be of the era of the figures that I am painting. In fact, I find that those from periods other than my 'special subject' (Napoleonics) are preferable as, since I know less about them, I am not as likely to be annoyed by the generalisations that are included in productions for the mass audience.

Second to that are podcasts: history ones or Roy and HG and/or music. If the latter, usually something nice and loud and raucous.

The podcast of the latest show of Roy and HG's "Just short of a length" was part of my paintertainment today.
Note the painting of my 'girlfriend' in the background. She's still gorgeous at 243 years!

So, what is your 'poison'. I'd be interested to know.

Now that I have completed my little side show of the 1/32 WWII that I wanted to finish, I'll be focussing on these Russian infantry (1805–07) and Austrian grenzer, with some Vistula legion (and their talisman) thrown in.